What does Kingwood Publishing do?

Kingwood Publishing provides services to publish a book that is ready for release to the market. These services include laying out the content, creating graphics, proofreading/editing, and printing the book in print format or e-book format.

How much will I be charged?

This depends on the type of book (e-book, softcover, hardcover, etc.), the number of graphics needed, color printing or black and white, and the number of pages of the book. Proofreading and editing can also add to the cost of the book.

Do I need a completed manuscript?

A completed manuscript is essential. Since you are the author and expert on what you are writing, only you will know when you are ready for us to layout the book and print it.

How does the process work?

After submitting your book, we will layout the book and send you a draft as a PDF file. Once you approve the file, we will begin the printing of the book.

In what format do I submit my book?

Books need to be submitted in Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, or Google Docs. Other formats are also available, but these are the most common. If we cannot open the document, we will advise you so that the document can be saved as a common version. We will not accept handwritten manuscripts.

Do you take every manuscript?

The only manuscripts that we will not take are handwritten manuscripts, and any manuscript that is not organized and ready to be printed. It is up to the author to organize the content the way he or she intends for it to be published.

Do I need to copyright my book before I work with Dorrance?

No. You can copyright the book yourself, or for an additional fee, we can file the copyright in your name with the Register of Copyrights of the Library of Congress to obtain a Certificate of Registration of Copyright. The copyright will be registered in your name, not Kingwood Publishing. Manuscripts and unpublished works are protected by common law and statutory law from the point of creation. There is no need to obtain a formal copyright registration before submission to Kingwood Publishing.

How can I be sure my work will be protected?

Kingwood Publishing will not use any material submitted to us without your written permission.

What kind of earnings can I expect?

Kingwood Publishing is not responsible for marketing any book, so we cannot estimate earning potential.