Kingwood Publishing Name

Kingwood Publishing NameSelf-published books are great to help you get your name or company established and to become an expert in a certain field. They are easy to create, and you are in complete control of what you want on your book.

If you can publish your book under a publishing company, however, then you can carry more weight as an expert. For a fee, we can grant you the right to use the Kingwood Publishing name and logo on your book.

Book Publishing

Do you have a manuscript that you would like to publish, or are you wanting to create a book? We can help you publish your book which includes an ISBN number and UPC symbol. This will allow you to sell your book on or other book stores.

Printed Book and Ebook Formats

If you have a manuscript and would like to get it published, we can format your content and print it as a book or ebook. We will then send you a PDF to proofread before it is published. Keep in mind that the manuscript must be in a digital format such as Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, Google Docs, or other word processing format.

Graphic Design and Illustration

If you need illustrations, images, or a designed cover for your book, we can provide these services at an additional cost.

Proofreading and Editing

If you need your book looked over by another set of eyes, we can proofread and edit your book as needed for grammatical and spelling errors. Before printing we will present these errors to you and correct them as needed.